Under the IEB exam you have the following options.

1. IEB Maths standard - this includes
    Algebra and Calculus

2. IEB Maths extended - includes
    Algebra + Calculus + Elective (MGT)

3. IEB Physics standard

A yearly fee is divided into monthly instalments in order to make payment easier for the client. You do not pay per class.

Non-migratable area: Catch up the lesson on your own, available on the website. Migratable area: Request permission at system@admaths.co.za / junior@admaths.co.za to migrate to another centre if there is a suitable time slot. 


You can resign from within your online AdMaths profile or

Grade 4 – 7 Send and email from your profile on the website or use junior@admaths.co.za

Grade 8 – 12 Send an email from your profile on the website or use system@admaths.co.za

No. It´s not part of the National Curriculum.

Results will be uploaded to your profile under student downloads.

Your script will be uploaded to your profile under - My Stuff.

Yes, but the Casio fx-991ZA PLUS II is highly recommended. You can purchase this on our retail site. www.admathsretail.co.za

AdMaths uses designated examination venues. We notify the learners via email where they will be writing.

AdMaths students may download the lessons from their profile in PDF format and the lessons are available in Afrikaans and English. Notes in the form of textbook may also be purchased on our Ecommerce store. www.admathsretail.co.za

It depends on your school. Submit a query to us concerning your school's report placement policy at system@admaths.co.za or junior@admaths.co.za

No, it's optional. The pdf’s is available on your www.admaths.co.za profile to use in class.


In addition to preparing students to write the AP Maths exam, we would like to also assist students in preparing for the AP Physics exam in Grade 12. 

We are phasing in Advanced Physics from Grade 10.

The Grade 10 course will start in term 3 of Grade 10, and will be in English.  For the first year this course will only be available in Webinar format or Online Only.

1 hour sessions conducted weekly, with a total of 14 sessions. 

We have two different bank accounts.
1. Monthly fees - FNB ending 1411
2. Retail purchases - FNB ending 1396

AdMaths students can visit the following link to order AdMaths products. www.admathsretail.co.za

Grade 10 AdAccounting will start in Term 3 of 2024 (6 month course)
Grade 11 AdAccounting will start in Term 1 of 2025 (12 month course)
Grade 12 AdAccounting will start in Term 1 of 2026 (10 month course)