Swiss eduGLOBE is an educational facilitator that works closely with Switzerland’s most prestigious academic institutions to provide international students access to premium Swiss credentials and advanced global values.

Swiss eduGLOBE specialises in pairing exceptional students from all over the world with renowned Swiss academies. Their head office is in the picturesque town of Disentis, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The town is famous for the fact that it is home to the oldest school in Switzerland, namely the Gymnasium & Internat Kloster Disentis (GKD), which has had an uninterrupted educational legacy since 700 AD.

Swiss eduGLOBE offers students access to the finest Swiss education, culminating in the prestigious A-Level Diploma (Matura), an academic qualification that provides open access to some of the best universities worldwide.

In 2018 Swiss eduGLOBE approached Admaths South Africa (PTY) Ltd to join its initiative and to act as their strategic partner for the online mathematics programme. Gifted learners worldwide will have access to the advanced Admaths programmes and curriculums for mathematics, which will be available and accredited by Swiss eduGLOBE as from 2020.

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