Welcome to South Africa's advanced mathematics community... where AP Maths, Alpha Maths and AdMaths are separate exams, but one flexible programme! Cambridge A-levels included in 2019!

Give your child a valuable advantage at university

We offer the advanced mathematics programme, AdMaths, to 3500 Grade 4-12 learners in South Africa. A learner qualifies to participate in the programme if he/she has recently achieved 75%+ in Mathematics in an exam term. We offer the course through classroom teaching at more than 50 schools in the country, which are called centres. Learners who reside too far from centres can do the course via correspondence. Downloadable audio-visual lesson recordings and interactive webinars before tests and exams are available to assist them. 


AdMaths is an extra subject and not an extra class in school maths. The aim of the subject is to stimulate and enrich a learner, who is already an achiever in Mathematics, by augmenting the school syllabus. Formal examinations are written. The AdMaths curriculum covers the union of the APMaths and Alpha Maths curricula.


Alpha Mathematics is a curriculum and matric final exam which is very popular in Afrikaans-speaking communities in Pretoria and surrounds, but not considered by any university at admission. In 2017 AdMaths registered 20 candidates for this examination.

AP Maths is a curriculum and final exam taught by most IEB schools in South Africa. AdMaths annually registers the majority of its matrics for this examination. Increasingly more universities (like WITS, UJ and overseas universities) consider APMaths at admission. In 2017 AdMaths registered 350 matrics for this examination.





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