The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) are an assessment test for first-year applicants to higher education. The NBTs are designed to measure a writer’s ability to transfer understanding of academic literacy (language skills), quantitative literacy (numerical skills) and Mathematics to the demands of tertiary (higher education) coursework. There are two tests. The AQL combines Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy in one multiple-choice test. There are seven timed sections, requiring three hours writing time. The second test is Mathematics (MAT), which is also multiple-choice with three hours allowed. The NBTs are managed by the Alternative Admissions Research Project at the University of Cape Town. More information on the NBTs are available on their website at

The NBTs are applicable to prospective first-year applicants regardless of the matriculation year, studies at another higher education institution, or examination system followed. Applicants who are applying for admission to a second university degree as well as students with a B Tech degree, do not need to write the NBTs. Universities use the National Benchmark Tests for selection and/or placement purposes.

AdMaths will be presenting class access NBT courses in Cape Town. There will also be an online shorter course via webinar.


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AdMaths will be presenting longer NBT classes at our Cape Town office.

There will also be a shorter webinar NBT course.


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