Grade 8 - 12     

AdMaths South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a sole-owner company owned by Jean Nico de Villiers, who holds the exclusive rights to its intellectual properties. The word AdMaths may not be referred to in the advertising of any advanced maths tuition at school level which is not incorporated under the company.

Additional Mathematics Higher Grade was examined in 2007 for the last time as a departmental extra subject. Since 2008 Advanced Programme Mathematics has been filling the gap which was left, but the subject does not appear on the matric certificate and a separate certificate is issued by the IEB. AdMaths quarterly sends the learner's term mark to his/her school. The majority of schools places AdMaths on the school report, but it does not influence the learner's overall average. However, there are schools which utilise AdMaths like a departmental extra subject on the school report. Feel free to consult us with respect to your school's placement policy.

AdMaths plans ahead and the benefits are mostly long-term. It is primarily an investment in the intellect and thinking ability, while it cultivates independence. Students in maths-related fields have a great advantage in terms of contents, experience less pressure and their knowledge is sought-after amongst fellow-students. 

Many students testify that school mathematics has not sufficiently prepared them for first year maths at university. Although they obtained 80% at school, they struggled to adjust at university, especially in the first six months. Enrichment in addition to the curriculum is highly recommended for fields like Engineering, B.Sc., B.Comm. and Actuarial Science.

Results will be uploaded to your profile under student downloads.

Approximately 2.5 to 3 hours a week.

The AdMaths programme may be referred to as AP Maths "Plus". You are exposed to the full AP Maths curriculum but also some additional topics which add value at university. Doing AP Maths through us is an extremely thorough and in-depth journey to take.

You may download the lessons from your profile after login. Lessons are available in Afrikaans and English. Printed notes can be ordered from our AdMaths Retail store. (Remember it is optional)

AdMaths uses designated examination venues. We notify the learners in advance where they will be writing.

No. It is not part of the National Curriculum.

Yes, but the Casio fx-991ZA PLUS is highly recommended. You may also purchase the fx-911ZA from our retail store.

A yearly fee is divided into monthly instalments in order to make payment easier for the client. You do not pay per class.