Attention existing clients: You do not apply again at Only new clients have to apply. We will inform when existing clients may apply for a sibling. Gr12 AP Maths - 23/10 ; Gr12 AIE - 20/10

AdMaths (Pty) Ltd teaches the IEB's Advanced Programme Mathematics (AP Maths). The aim of AP Maths is to stimulate and enrich a learner, who is already an achiever in Mathematics, by augmenting the school syllabus.

We offer AP Maths through in-person teaching at more than 50 schools in the country, which are called centres. Learners who reside too far from centres may do the course via correspondence.

The AdMaths programme may be referred to as "AP Maths Plus" as we provide exposure to wider topics than what the AP Maths curriculum allows for.

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