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The standard of the current matric maths syllabus is not sufficient for professional maths based careers. Statistics show that only 27% of university students who achieved a mark of 70% and higher for maths in matric, pass the first term. AdMaths fills this gap to adequately prepare learners for these careers.

AdMaths improves learners' performance in regular maths, as they grasp concepts quicker.

The first six months of the AdMaths course eases the transition from grade 9 to grade 10 school maths, preventing a drastic drop in marks from one grade to the next.

The AdMaths Distance course is extramural friendly. Learners can work in their own time while accommodating a full programme.

You become part of a greater AdMaths community, receiving all the support and assistance you need.

There are plans to acquire international accreditation for APMaths - watch this space!